Current Flavors



Car Bomb: Chocolate stout beer cake

with irish creme frosting. Optional extra: whiskey filling.


Hot Damn Carrot Cake: Hot damn

carrot cake with irish creme cheese frosting.


Butter Smucker: Hint of butterscotch cake with irish creme frosting. Optional extra: butterscotch filling.


Captain Morgan's Spiced Cake: Spice cake with spiced rum frosting.


Margarita: Margarita cake with key lime frosting.


PB&J Shooter*: Peanut butter frangelico cake with berry chambord frosting. Optional extra: peanut butter filling.


Lemon Drop*: Lemon cake with citrus vodka and triple sec frosting.


Triple citrus*: Lemon cake with triple sec-orange frosting and lemon custard filling.



*These items can be made with non-alcoholic frosting upon request.





Seasonal flavors are also available - be sure to contact us and ask more about them!